Marching shoes designed from the ground up
by the World Champion Blue Devils.
Important Features. Strategic Benefits.


Unequalled Accelerations

Finest durable materials yet Leightweight/ Low Mass construction.

Unequalled Flexibility

Unique sole “Forefoot HINGE™” facilitates “toes up” and “ball of foot” flex.

Unequalled Performance Boost

Patented ROLLED HEEL™ proven to improve marching.  

Unequalled Comfort

Full-shoe absorbent padding. Supercushy sock lining. 100% Blister Proof.

Unequalled Movement

Dance-shoe design. SPLIT SOLE shows off elegant foot articulation.

Unequalled Grip/Traction

Engineered tread pattern. Wet/dry super-stick sole compound.

Unequalled Security

Archilles Tendon/ Heel-Lock, Athletic Grade (plush) ankle collar.

Unequalled Stability

Super-wide outsole with unique lateral support stabilizers.

No Other Shoe Offers You These Proven Performance Boosters

Forefoot Hinge™

Another unique innovation facilitates a more pleasing, “Toes-Up” visual-effect. Ordinary band shoes uncomfortably fight the foot’s anatomy. This strategically placed “groove” compliments it for a graceful, “ball of the foot” flex.

Achilles Tendon / Heel-Lock

Plush-Comfort Ankle Collar derived from high-end sports shoes, the HEEL LOCK and collar absolutely protect, secure and stabilize the foot. Promotes flawless execution of demanding, complex drill.

Rolled Heel™

Patented technology DIRECTS THE FOOT into/through a perfect corps-style, “glide step”. Over and over. Effortlessly. Until it becomes automatic. Perfect.

 Men’s Sizing:


Half Sizes 3-1/2 to 10-1/2

Wide 11-16

 Women’s Sizing:


Half Sizes 5-1/2 to 12-1/2

Wide 13-18


Easy Clean Black

Super Drillmasters


Excluding shipping/handling/taxes